Innovative & exclusive

BIODY XPERT ZM is the successor of Aminostats Bio ZM II. This 100% French impedance device has over ten years of research and development. Belonging to the family of connected devices, it combines scientific advances and cutting-edge technology, with a BlueTooth connection and a web interface incorporating an intelligent server.
BIODY XPERT ZM is the only connected and miniaturized multi-frequency wireless device that delivers an immediate medical check-up.
The regular updates of the measures interpretation software allow health professionals to access new features.
It can be used in the preventive field as well as in the monitoring of a patient during his treatment.

Hands-free , accurate and fast

BIODY XPERT ZM provides a great accuracy in the measurements as well as in the analysis of the results.
This new wireless global monitoring device allows the patients to take the “hand-foot” measurement (patented system). The measurement is automatically transmitted to the BlueTooth application and displays instantly the detailed patient’s body composition.

History patients

The practitioner has access to the history of his patient in order to analyze the changes in the various body compartments.
It allows him to verify the effectiveness of the treatment and adjust its recommendations and requirements depending on the patient’s condition.
The ergonomics of the device and its quantified self mode allows the patient to become fully involved in his care course.

Tested and evaluated

The BIODY XPERT ZM is a third generation advanced tool with over forty years of work in the development of formulas interpretation.
BIODY XPERT ZM Medical Device CE marking – directive 93/42/EEC- French Notify Body: LNE/GMED.

Mobile and connected

In its MYBIODY version, BIODY XPERT ZM is a connected device using the same technology in order to anwser the high expectations of the quantified self and home monitoring. Wireless, weighing less than 300g, it connects via Bluetooth to a data interpretation platform based on intelligent algorithms. Exploitable with an internet connection, MBB has the capacity to be used everywhere. Coupled with a regularly updated server, it benefits automatically of the scientific research and studies about body composition…